Love’s Visual Album  Part 1

The Beginning — Click the video to watch the first trailer for the full movie.

This post is just to thank my husband for being just who he is. A product of love. We will get to where I can truly express a little of what you mean to me. As a little love note I made a short film “The Beginning”

Yours truly,


( for people looking on advice for being just like Rob Zombie’s wife here are My Fantasies )


My Fantasies


 My Fantasies

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Women Have The Power

Life and the need for progression can be draining. Take time to explore whats real. Its okay to depend on each other. We all need something real. Something that’s invisible. 

The story is an instruction manual in the form of a riddle. The answer key is below.

What’s On My Mind?

He’s flying with me private so they cant touch us

Our first night in Paris
mountains create a maze beneath us.

Gazing at the dark blue. Wine is the only thing between us.
We are something they can never be. Its beyond the sun.
We explore where they have never been. Galaxies.

She wants him to see her in black lace.
Sweat dreams while they watch the stars.
Love creates love on our flight to Paris.
lets let the cosmos know we’re grateful
I’m a sexy motivator
It’s the talk of the town
and tonight Paris
this lace is tight the luxury on this plane is blinding
were still in love
the aching
this is what they wish on a star for

Plane (1)

everyone in the world is afraid of us
they bury what they fear the most
assimilating pain from something else
life can do with one less watered down excuse
not saying how they really feel is how they hide it

real men don’t cave in
I feel I know whats best for us
I’m going to light your favorite candles right now, we keep going back and forth, I still love you
lets start over before we land
I wanna thank you for not pretending when you know there’s nothing there
I feel we can be even better than here. They settle well I wont.

I called you selfish tell me it’s a lie
For us there is no mountain peak, we are wishing on a star
we cant loose our magic peace lets give love their wings

I see your face but you don’t need it
its what they warned you about, lets discuss it
if this is over you can tell me its no use
you stay on my mind fulfill my fantasies

continued in part 2 Power and mystery

 Answer Key

Grow in life and find your sensuality.

Home is where your heart is. Take time at home to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin. It carries into your career.

Let your career and sex life make you a well rounded person. It all matters. Separately and then together because its all connected to you.

An advancement in your career right now is the perfect reason to connect to the one you love.

Dreams do come true. The first step is all in what you do.



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Dating With Confidence

 Dating With Confidence


How to catch the eye of the fun fearless rocker guy

Sure Drew Carey may look like he would be smart and charming but he’s no prize. The secretly really good bad guy is always himself with no apologies. Whether its confidence or self-absurdness – whatever you call it – I think you and I could agree its one of the most attractive traits a man can possess.Gain the confidence to catch the guy who has the tools to makes things fun and solid.

We all want the same thing the good/bad guy is the guy who actually gets it. The key is knowing the tools to get him locked in on only you. Who could turn down the career women who looks great in heels and has that “it” girl appeal? Learn the dating with confidence tools that are needed to get the fun relationship you deserve. Hint: Find men who don’t mind being who they truly are to get the women of their dreams (you)

THE BOTTOM LINE: When it comes to dating you want the person who appreciates you to always resist temptation in the world at large and in a relationship. If he’s too shy will he be shy about showering you with flowers and candy – all of the things you deserve! If he’s too much “the life of the party” will he embarrass you buy ordering body shots? The good/bad guy has fun while holding out on that long term relationship that let’s be honest where else is he going to find but in you. His better half. His past just shows that he knows how to keep your relationship fun. You can use his good/bad guy tools to have fun keeping things solid.

THE SHY GUY:  With this one your beautiful credentials would not be utilized. How can he recognize how amazing you are if he’s afraid to tell you? The good/bad guy to the contrary will not be shy about sharing with you all of the many sides of you he appreciates.

NEVER GIVE UP ON BETTERING YOUR DOMESTIC SKILLS: Be honest with yourself about your homemaking skills. Don’t worry about what your girlfriends say look into homemaking books. Could you make a white cake from scratch? How about a good steak, potatoes and broccoli for dinner. Eggs Benedict with some special touches? Don’t own a Better Homes and Gardens cook book? You could be missing out on that old but true key to the heart that could make your relationship special. Don’t think he appreciates a cook-liked-his-mother-made-it  shepherds pie? Then cut your losses. All men want this and your soul mate is out their waiting for these skills but from you.

CONTROL YOUR URGES:  If he isn’t texting or calling then let him go. You could be practicing your homemaking skills with someone else. They’re everywhere.

KEEP YOUR BALANCE: Shower him with the new skills you have learned but keep mind of your time with family and friends. Let him see what a dream wife you would make lets him know you’re the one. Who wants to go to poker night with the guys when you’ve made him breakfast in bed in your favorite Victoria’s Secret number with a promised encore?

THE LOVE OF MR.COMMITMENT: This guy doesn’t know how to see how amazing you are and have fun. The new recipe you just learned is just another home cooked meal to him. It’s a duty. And if you try anything new he might night see you as the good wife he wants. The good/bad guy wants domestic skills and some fun. New skills you’ve acquired is just another adventure to explore… in a committed relationship.

THE PARTY ANIMAL: Having a ego about your domestic skills doesn’t leave time for messy wild ways that distract from you. Sure this guy may make the first move but then what? You need someone who is paying attention to you and not the latest party as the template for your relationship.

REFINE YOUR GAME: You have all the tools you need to catch him- now you just need to use them to your advantage. Be open to paying attention to him but make sure he asks about the things in you like to talk about. You made cupcakes for the first time for a party and it came out great. You make chicken noodle soup from scratch. How much does he appreciate those things? You can dictate the flow of how much homemaking skills you acquire but be open to learning new skills tailored just for his likes.

BE EVEN BOLDER: Don’t turn down your personality- turn it up a notch. Is part of your appeal your awesome career? Do some volunteer work that promotes the companies purpose and allows you to have fun. Have your corporate office organize a small soup dinner for the less fortunate. It promotes the company name and you can have fun meeting the families and children. The bonus is he gets to see how sweet and in charge you are. It’s a win win!

ONLY APOLOGIZE IF YOU FEEL ITS NECESSARY: Once you start learning your dream wife skills you never stop. If the broccoli was a little under-cooked… its great you know how to make it better. If he isn’t embarrassed by your little mishap then you shouldn’t be either. And he shouldn’t want to change you only appreciate getting to watch his dream girl blossom.

Date knowing you are armed with the dream wife skills

There’s a recipe for everything  you want including being the woman of your soul mates dreams

Getting married to your soul mate means being ready when he finds you. Learn as much as you can as fast as you can. The time is now!

There is a checklist for being that dream girl that you can keep for a lifetime. Learn the basic dream girl skills and make it happen

Every dream wife had to learn from somewhere and the sooner the better

Every area of your life can be great with your soulmate when your confident you know the dream wife basics

The Beauty Of Intimacy

8 After Dark Hacks To Start ASAP

No. 4 is sure to please.


Creating that magic moment can be like ordering coffee from the local shop. The coffee shop knows exactly how much cream and sugar you need and that’s what makes it special. For you to do this yourself you only have a general understanding of what the recipe is but sometimes you  just cant make that magic happen. I have compounded expert advice to bring you the best 8 hacks for making that magic moment happen . At your demand.

Lets go.

  1. Create the dream scene in your mind and replay it day-to-day.  Your mind is a key piece of your intimacy puzzle. Become aware of the power your mind has to fire up the spark you are striving for on its own. There are no embarrassing moments just the freedom to make a mental checklist of what you want.
  2. What do you want? Say all of those loving things you think about. There is no need to feel weird saying what you desire out loud.  There is no perfect. Its totally okay if it feels awkward. This is a thing that gets better with practice. Plus, just hearing yourself say those loving words creates a link between your brain and physical flame without having to actually do anything physical.
  3. Let your body feel free. It doesn’t even have to be about that moment. Just move in  way that feels fun and free. You know how yoga makes you feel more in tune with the beauty of your own body? Well that’s because you’re creating more flexibility in your whole form. Not just one part. So why not try some beginners yoga to start?
  4. Touch anywhere on your body except thereTo have an all over magic moment try to spark to the  less obvious. One top spot and one bottom. Your setting the spark in two zones at once. Its a great way to send your sparks flying. There are more places to enjoy besides the obvious area. The key is to enjoy the areas that are sensitive, but not obvious.
  5. Don’t think about anything but what your body is actually feeling. Sometimes we think to much about what we are doing instead of focusing on the intimacy of the moment. Thinking about a finish line isn’t the thinking you want here. Replace the spinning your wheels getting to the finish line routine with the actual response your body is reflecting back to you. Take a mental scan of your body and make note of what each part is telling you. Delve into the moment but don’t think about it.
  6. Show your partner what you are thinkingNot only is it a beautiful thing to see but why not let your loved one know what you like by a little example. Get the recipe down for yourself and then share the wisdom.
  7. Tell him exactly what you want. Telling him what you want him to do is another path to talking dirty. With this your hearing yourself say what you want out loud sends messages to your brain and he knows how to give you exactly what you desire.  Its a helpful tip for both of you.
  8.  Enjoy your  that area without thinking about the finish line.  Thinking of anything to hard can be a downer. Especially when your enjoying how wonderful it is to be a women by way of physical touch.  Trying exploring your special area for the sole purpose of pleasure exploration.  The odds are in your favor that you will graze upon the right spark and take it from there.

Want more?

Begin now letting intimacy be a part of your overall being. Sublime happiness before and after dark is attainable. Learn how to find it.

Something that so few get to live. Happiness in all areas of life.

Learning a key piece of soul searching is a great addition to every part of your soul and body.

There is only happiness to gain and excess mental baggage to loose

Your soul awaits.  Its counting on you!

Let your life be illuminated by the newer improved you.

Your Dream Birthday – Every Year

The Dream Birthday Tradition You Should Start Immediately


Still have cake and ice cream but there is so much more to do.

You know what it’s like to wake up at the end of a year and feel like you didn’t quite grasp the feeling of utopia?

I hope not, but if you have let’s make sure it never happens again.

If this has happened it’s not uncommon. We all know of people who are circling around with the idea that they have failed to live a life true to themselves and their dreams.

There are too much information out there for that to be you. To start I don’t believe anyone sets out to miss living their dream. I believe people just don’t know a trusted path to getting there. Have you ever thought about taking a time to step out of the day-to-day and study not the life others have but the life of your dreams. Habit is in you as you know from what you’re already doing. People change all the time. The more desired path would be to seek change that doesn’t cost you too much.

So I picked my birthday as my annual Check-In celebration, as a way to insure I am attending to the essential. It’s an annual dream assurance measure.

The birthday check in is you being the CEO of the business of your life. Here you can plan the company goal, the branding and the marketing strategy and of course the budgeting. But this way it’s fun and your life gets the benefit.

Don’t know where to start or what questions to ask? Here is a checklist.

QuLifeestions To Ask At Every Birthday Check-In:

  1. What areas do I want to keep and grow in my life?
  2. What is a little habit that slowly holds you back?
  3. What have others who I admire done to fix this area in life that I would like to fix?
  4. What daily reading can I have as a reminder throughout the year?
  5. What powerful people can I can imitate?
  6. Who has similar lifestyle where I can realistically mimic their steps?
  7. What do I like to do for fun that I can integrate in to my plan?
  8. What is the biggest obstacle and what do I need to know to overcome it?
  9. Are you already good at some areas you want to be a part of your dream life?

At the end of this year have more fun memories, more money and a dream future

You know what you want now gain the tools to work it out

The ”work” is fun, easy and its all to celebrate YOU!

While you follow your future dream fully celebrate your current dreams all while attaining more skills along the way

Birthday far away? Make any celebration your annual event with InStyle Parties. It covers all the basics. Its one of my favorite books.

I know your anxious to get started so throw a spa party good for any time of year in any location

Celebrate you, live better and journal the magical journey. What are you waiting for?

Best Moments In Dating

The 9 Most Enchanting Moments In Dating

images (1)cvxvfdrg It only starts with 9…

1. The first date night you spend only focused on each other (and yes, movie night counts).  Nothing is more exciting than the first night alone with your crush. Almost is comparison to your wedding day in terms of memories you’ll talk about over and over.  A Little Advice: Don’t bring up potential weddings on the first date.

2.That special nervousness right before your first kiss. That magical first kiss says, I have a best friend in you, that I want to kiss more more and more every time we touch. This feels like we should take this to the next level.

3. The first time your  intimate.  If the first time wasn’t magic, you have every other time to create that spark.

4. Cinderella had a curfew on the first date doesn’t mean you always have to. Especially if you usually run off into the night immediately after coitus. Coitus is nice but why not watch a movie post fun? So not romantic having to scam to get dressed. Whatever the case the first night you cuddle to sleep is a major step of progression.

5. The first occasion of laying together (just talking) having a cute moment and it was amazing.The first time you do this, it’s cute and romantic. In the early stages of this its adorable and simple romance. After a while this feels too dependent. When you can spend all day together and let the world exist on it own for just a while, you’re in a good groove.

6.When you see his family as being your potential family.  Some families may not be your cup of tea.  So its calming to feel at home when you actual meet his parents. A sense of belonging in his family instead of feeling uneasy and out of place is great.

7. Searching for the toothbrush that stays at his house. The hint here is basically, ” I am a part of this house and any girl who comes around will know it so be good.” It also is reassuring to know that he really loves spending time with you.

8. The silly fight when you knew you were still going to be together.   May be not such a beautiful moment at that time. But its moments like these that reflect that you are in it to win. Not to mention those make up occasions.

9. The first vacation together that you can never forget.  Even if its a mini trip, its much more exciting than the family trip you took just a few years ago.

want more?

After all of that don’t let the flame fizzle

You’ve proven you have what it takes not make you even better

What do you have to lose by polishing something that’s already amazing.

Become more amazing in the areas most important to every “It” girl

Know what you need to know now to have everything and more.

My carefully favorite reading for bringing out the ”It” girl in you!

The Hot Girls Breakup Guide


Create A Better You While Getting Over Any Relationship


Get hotter, get better, get back on track with 4 fool proof rules. What are you waiting for?

The downer of a breakup can make dating another male sound like a torturous idea. But your too amazing to go through life like that. Who doesn’t want to be loved? Because us women are practical, we like to have a plan in mind for those times of heartbreak. My short list is: get even hotter while single and accomplish any dream goals. I am fully convinced that by following these rules, no heartbreak will knock you down from attaining your dreams.

  1. Feel the moment only for a moment.   There’s no sense in letting others lack of judgement drown you in tears. Take all that in and those false feelings will come back and spoon feed you a lie later when its least convenient, like at work on a stressful day or dinner with the family.
  1.  The deadline for your misplaced sadness is one day . That said,  It’s okay to be sad bad don’t let others lack of understanding reality force you into milking in sadness. Lean on your better understanding of how truly amazing your are be your support.  This takes serious effort. You are amazing and there is a ton of information out there to help you figure out all of those ways.  There’s no set rule of thumb here — except get up, get better and love every minute of you being you.  Figure this out but then stick to your deadline. Knowing it’s ending soon is half the fight.
  1. Purge him from your internet life.The best plan here is to go full- monty. How can you move on if its still in your atmosphere.  Watch the travel channel online instead of anything that isn’t progressive. Including whats on social media. There is so much beauty waiting for you.
  1. Make a List Of Your Dream Life Goals.  The most important to-do list.  A list of things you can look forward to in the near to distant future.  These should all be fun and great. Others and their not being in touch with the reality of you has to forever be in your blind spot. The best moments in life are when you  reflect on the beauty of you. Whether its a dream vacation. Or attaining any other goal.  Nothing feels more loving and intimate that letting the cosmos reveal the message that the world may not understand your star but the beauty of its shine is forever waiting to reveal itself to you.

You have all you need. Learn how to use it!

Easy to follow advice

Not available anywhere else online

The basics you need all right here

While still in print and low priced

Learn how to be the hotter new you.  Now!

Nurture Your Growth

Understand What’s Important to You

Each personality type has a different idea of what it means to be successful. Self-knowledge is one common goal that will help everyone achieve personal success. So many people are hung up on somebody else’s idea of what it means to be successful, and they are unaware of what is truly important to them. This is completely normal. We all have important role-models and influencers in our lives who may have basic values that are quite different from our own. If this is the case, it’s important to recognize that the discrepancy between what we have been taught is truly important and what we personally believe to be truly important is due to a difference in perspective. If we spend our time and effort trying to meet somebody else’s idea of success, and ignore or belittle any conflicting messages from our own psyche, then we will find ourselves exhausted and unhappy. Realizing what is truly important to us is a major step towards achieving personal success.

 Don’t Be Threatened 

Recognize Your Weaknesses Without Hiding Behind Them

While improving our self-knowledge and realizing our true goals can be very liberating, we should not discard the rules of the society in which we live. We must recognize that other people’s value systems are no less important than our own. And we must recognize and accept that we live in a society in which certain personality types and behaviors are more suited towards particular tasks. This is the second key that will open the door towards personal growth.

For example, there are situations in which it is more appropriate and effective to show compassion and caring (Feeling), rather than impersonal logic (Thinking). Likewise, there are situations that call for using impersonal logic to make a decision, in which the more subjective viewpoint of the Feeling function is inappropriate and ineffective. Persons with a preference for Feeling will have a natural advantage over Thinkers in situations that require compassion and awareness of other’s emotions. Conversely, persons with a preference for Thinking will have a natural advantage over Feelers in situations that require the ability to make a decision based on impersonal data.

As we learn about our personality type and the types of others, we are empowered with an understanding of why people react differently in different situations. When put into the context of Psychological Type, we can better accept and understand people’s behaviors that are different from ours. These insights are extremely useful and powerful to us as individuals. However, if we are concerned with growing as individuals, we must take care not to use personality type as an excuse for our inappropriate behavior. While it’s powerful and useful to notice that another person’s inappropriate behavior may be due to their personality type, we cannot use the same reasoning on ourselves. We should recognize that our personality type has weaknesses, but we must use that knowledge to conquer those weaknesses rather than to excuse poor behavior. We cannot be responsible for other people’s behavior, but we can control our own.

Accordingly, if we notice that someone seems to be unable to make an impersonal decision that is isolated from human perspective, we should say to ourselves, “Ah ha, here is a Feeler. This person does not use Thinking well, and that is why they’re behaving this way.” Yet when we as Feelers are presented with a situation that requires an impersonal approach, we should NOT say to ourselves “I am a Feeler, and can’t be expected to make decisions based purely on impersonal facts and logic.” This kind of rationalization for behavior is certainly an easy way out of a situation, but it enforces the weakness, making it weaker and weaker still.






In order for you to experience life in a positive manner you need to be positive yourself. God gave human beings the potential to grow. We learn from our experiences, and they govern how we react to the situations we encounter. People react differently to situations. Some remain calm and handle it in a mature way, while some aren’t able to control their anger, and they end up expressing that anger in a way they might later regret. If you want to become a good leader, then you need to control how you react to situations. You will face a lot of opposition; however, that doesn’t mean that you become angry. You need to learn how to keep a calm mind and understand that everyone has the right to give an opinion even if it goes against what you think. One of the things which can help you to remain calm is yoga. It will help you to relieve the body from the stress it feels as well as with expelling the negative thoughts from your mind.

For people, personal growth should never stop. They should keep doing what they can in order to improve and have a positive lifestyle. Being a leader isn’t easy because there are a lot of responsibilities which you need to take care of. This burden is stressful for the mind and the body and because of the stress, an individual might feel uncomfortable. People are sensitive when they are under stress, and that’s why they might get angry when faced with an unpleasant situation.

Yoga can help with relieving the stress from the mind and body. When a person is under stress, the normal balance of the body is disrupted. The uneven breathing and negative thoughts cause discomfort. Doing yoga allows people to control the way they breathe. It enables people to inhale ‘positivity’ and exhale all of the stress and the negativity out from the body. This brings the uneven breathing back to normal, and the positive thoughts help in making the body and the mind feel fresh.

Human beings have ‘thoughts’ and it’s a normal phenomenon. However, if these thoughts are allowed to wander off, they can be harmful for the individual. People who experience failure can start thinking negative thoughts such as: I will never be able to win. The person who won cheated.I am not good enough!

People who experience success can also have negative thoughts of a different kind like: No one can defeat me. I won because I worked hard; God had no role to play in it!

These negative thoughts stop personal growth. Through yoga, a person is able to learn how to get rid of such thoughts and bring positivity into their lives. By indulging in this ancient art of meditation, you will be able to experience more control over your body and your mind.

By remaining calm and collected, you will be able to face different situations in a positive manner. If someone criticizes the work you do, you won’t become angry and will try to settle the debate in a socially accepted manner. Having positive thoughts will allow you to be happy and not feel depressed even if you fail at something. You will be able to realize that God is with you, and that failure is a part of life. What’s important is that you don’t let the failure drag you down.

So, take some time out and include yoga in your life. This will allow you to remain calm and active, which will lead you to get rid of anger and negative thoughts, and you will be able to grow personally in the process.

Questions: Do you think yoga could help you lead better? How do you remain calm and clear minded during challenging or difficult situations?

Dating Advice

FIND THE GUY. ATTRACT THE GUY. KEEP THE GUY. FREE Video Reveals Matthew Hussey’s Best Secrets to Meeting, Attracting and Keeping Your Mr. Right

Relationship coach and author of Get The Guy Matthew Hussey has analysed thousands of dates and men in his quest for the perfect relationship. As his new dating TV show Ready For Love airs on NBC, and Matthew answers your burning questions.


Best Night Of Fashion – Stars Attend The Met Gala

    Best Dressed Of The 2016 Met Gala


Claire Danes

Article Claire+Danes+Manus+x+Machina+Fashion+Age+Technology+Sdis_IUTsZLl Article Claire+Danes+Manus+x+Machina+Fashion+Age+Technology+--6uf8b3MKbl

As the stars made their way from the red carpet to the Met Galas Costume Institute’s new exhibition titled “ Manus x Machina.” Vogue magazine challenged some of the Met Gala’s A-list guests to strut that night’s attire inside Vogue’s futuristic Instagram portrait studio. For a few glamorous hours, fluorescent lights pulsed, flickered, and reflected off the night’s most be-jeweled and glittery fashions.

The stars seemed to have fun with the gala’s tech-tinged theme coming alive inside the lighted space. Lea Seydoux wowed in a leggy number. Madonna powerful and sexy in a Givenchy bodysuit. The Balmain clan – Jourdan Dunn, Cindy Crawford, Joan Smalls, Doutzen Krous and Alessandra Ambrosio – assembled in rhinestone frocks and put on their best faces. Crawford quipped on her way out, “My daughter is going to be so embarrassed by that.”

Even the nights most reserved guests took to twirling, sashaying and laughing for the camera. Whipping her hair back and forth so enthusiastically Elle Fanning , said she had to run to the loo to fix her ponytail. But as the saying goes less is more. For example take a look at Vogue’s Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour, who looked mesmerizing while remaining perfectly still.

Article rs_634x1024-160503112730-634-Elizabeth-Debicki-met-gala-2016 article rs_634x1024-160502200407-634-MET-GALA-Arrivals-Lorde.ms.50216Article trs_634x800-160502192455-634-Claire-Danes-MET-GALA-Arrivals-2016 Article rs_634x1024-160502183826-634-hannah-davis-MET-GALA-Arrivals-2016 Article elle-fanningArticle Emma+Watson+Manus+x+Machina+Fashion+Age+Technology+zn1uehpzy9HlArticle Manus+x+Machina+Fashion+Age+Technology+Costume+p4yljO1CsFBlArticle kate-upton-at-costume-institute-gala-2016-in-new-york-05-02-2016_1Article rosie-huntington-whiteley-met-costume-institute-gala-2016-in-new-york-2

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